Taśma wzmacniająca pl3

The PL3 sealing tape serves as a supplement to the reinforcement system and anti-moisture sealing of floors.

Taśma uszczelniająca na balkon clever

The Clever tape is intended for use with K102, K35, W35 eaves profiles, it is used to seal the connection of the eaves profile with a waterproofing mortar.

Kołnierz PVC Renoplast

PVC collar used to connect PVC membrane insulation with the W35 profile

Kołnierz EPDM

EPDM collar used to connect the EPDM membrane insulation with the W35 profile.

Sznur dylatacyjny

Expansion cord used to support flexible fillings in the places of expansion.

Mata drenażowa T50

T50 - for ceramic floors on an adhesive mortar, laid on the so-called critical substrates.


Mata drenująca T60

T60 - for terraces with drainage floors made of stone slabs, concrete or ceramic tiles laid on a crushed aggregate base.

Membrana PVC Renoplast

Waterproofing for balconies and terraces with a raised-ventilated floor.