system k100

The most economical finish of the eaves zone of a balcony with a ceramic floor.

system k102

Economical and extremely tight solution thanks to the use of the Clever system tape.

system balkonowy k100r

Economical finishing of the eaves zone of the balcony with a ceramic floor with the possibility of installing the R50 gutter.

system k30

The most popular system for balconies with ceramic floors laid on an adhesive mortar.

system k301

A system for ceramic tiles laid on an adhesive mortar with a characteristic elongated drip giving a massive character to the balcony.

system k35

Balcony system for ceramic flooring with the possibility of using the R50 gutter and Clever tape.

system k40

A popular balcony system for ceramic tile floors on an adhesive mortar with the option of installing a gutter.

sc system

The system is intended for stairs with floors and ceramic cladding.